Computer-generated Floral Ornament

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Computer-generated Floral Ornament
This paper describes some of the principles of traditional floral ornamental design, and explores ways in which these designs can be created algorithmically. It introduces the idea of “adaptive clip art,” which encapsulates the rules for creating a specific ornamental pattern. Adaptive clip art can be used to generate patterns that are tailored to fit a particularly shaped region of the plane. If the region is resized or reshaped, the ornament can be automatically regenerated to fill this new area in an appropriate way. Our ornamental patterns are created in two steps: first, the geometry of the pattern is generated as a set of two-dimensional curves and filled boundaries; second, this geometry is rendered in any number of styles. We demonstrate our approach with a variety of floral ornamental designs. CR Categories: I.3.3 [Computer Graphics]: Picture/Image Generation; I.3.4 [Computer Graphics]: Graphics Utilities— Picture description languages.
Michael T. Wong, Douglas E. Zongker, David Salesin
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Michael T. Wong, Douglas E. Zongker, David Salesin
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