Computing with RFID- Drivers, Technology and Implications

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Computing with RFID- Drivers, Technology and Implications
Radio Frequency Identification or simply rfid has come to be an integral part of modern computing. Rfid is notable in that it is the first practical technology to tightly couple physical entities and digital information. In this survey, we cater to the computing professional who is not familiar with the specifics of rfid which we discuss in the context of supply chain management, its most popular application. We begin with a primer on supply chains with particular reference to the relationship between efficiency and information flow. We recognize universal identification with bar codes and electronic data interchange as the two principle computing technologies that have played a central role in the optimization of supply chains. We then discuss rfid and supporting network technologies, and identify their novel features and capabilities. We proceed by examining the performance improvements in supply chain management due to rfid and differentiate between different levels of tagging. We ...
George Roussos
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