Configurational Workload Characterization

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Configurational Workload Characterization
Although the best processor design for executing a specific workload does depend on the characteristics of the workload, it can not be determined without factoring-in the effect of the interdependencies between different architectural subcomponents. Consequently, workload characteristics alone do not provide accurate indication of which workloads can perform close-to-optimal on the same architectural configuration. The primary goal of this paper is to demonstrate that, in the design of a heterogeneous CMP, reducing the set of essential benchmarks based on relative similarity in raw workload behavior may direct the design process towards options that result in sub-optimality of the ultimate design. It is shown that the design parameters of the customized processor configurations, what we refer to as the configurational characteristics, can yield a more accurate indication of the best way to partition the workload space for the cores of a heterogeneous system to be customized to. In ord...
Hashem Hashemi Najaf-abadi, Eric Rotenberg
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Updated 31 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Hashem Hashemi Najaf-abadi, Eric Rotenberg
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