Controlling Error Propagation in Mobile-Infrastructure Based Localization

9 years 4 months ago
Controlling Error Propagation in Mobile-Infrastructure Based Localization
Mobile infrastructure consists of one or more sensors in a fixed configuration on a mobile platform. By moving the mobile platform in the environment and attaching a set of static tags to objects, one can localize these objects. It is especially useful in cases where permanent location infrastructure does not exist yet or too expensive to install. To localize tags, data has to be collected at various points and then fused to create a consistent location map of tags. One serious problem with such a procedure is that error from measurements propagates and accumulates. In this paper, we present an error control mechanism to reduce this effect. The error control mechanism computes error estimate for each location estimate. Such error estimate is then used to control error propagation and accumulation in localization. Simulation results have shown that this error control mechanism significantly improves location accuracy. We have compared such error control mechanism with optimizationba...
Ying Zhang, Juan Liu
Added 25 Jul 2010
Updated 25 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where HUC
Authors Ying Zhang, Juan Liu
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