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Cooperative cache partitioning for chip multiprocessors

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Cooperative cache partitioning for chip multiprocessors
This paper presents Cooperative Cache Partitioning (CCP) to allocate cache resources among threads concurrently running on CMPs. Unlike cache partitioning schemes that use a single spatial partition repeatedly throughout a stable program phase, CCP resolves cache contention with multiple time-sharing partitions. Timesharing cache resources among partitions allows each thrashing thread to speed up dramatically in at least one partition by unfairly shrinking other threads’ capacity allocations, while improving fairness by giving different partitions equal chance to execute. Qualityof-Service (QoS) is guaranteed over the long term by orchestrating the shrink and expansion of each thread’s capacity across partitions to bound the average slowdown. Time-sharing based cache partitioning is further integrated with CMP cooperative caching [6] to exploit the benefits of LRU-based latency optimizations, which leads to a simplified partitioning algorithm and better performance for workloads...
Jichuan Chang, Gurindar S. Sohi
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Updated 08 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICS
Authors Jichuan Chang, Gurindar S. Sohi
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