Cooperative Scans: Dynamic Bandwidth Sharing in a DBMS

13 years 6 months ago
Cooperative Scans: Dynamic Bandwidth Sharing in a DBMS
This paper analyzes the performance of concurrent (index) scan operations in both record (NSM/PAX) and column (DSM) disk storage models and shows that existing scheduling policies do not fully exploit data-sharing opportunities and therefore result in poor disk bandwidth utilization. We propose the Cooperative Scans framework that enhances performance in such scenarios by improving data-sharing between concurrent scans. It performs dynamic scheduling of queries and their data requests, taking into account the current system situation. We first present results on top of an NSM/PAX storage layout, showing that it achieves significant performance improvements over traditional policies in terms of both the number of I/Os and overall execution time, as well as latency of individual queries. We provide benchmarks with varying system parameters, data sizes and query loads to confirm the improvement occurs in a wide range of scenarios. Then we extend our proposal to a more complicated DSM sce...
Marcin Zukowski, Sándor Héman, Niels
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where VLDB
Authors Marcin Zukowski, Sándor Héman, Niels Nes, Peter A. Boncz
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