Coordinated En-Route Web Caching

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Coordinated En-Route Web Caching
Web caching is an important technique for reducing Internet access latency, network traffic, and server load. This paper investigates cache management strategies for en-route web caching environment where caches are associated with routing nodes in the network. We propose a novel caching scheme that integrates both object placement and replacement policies, and which makes caching decisions on all candidate sites in a coordinated fashion. In our scheme, cache status information along the routing path of a request is used in dynamically determining where to cache the requested object and what to replace if there is not enough space. The object placement problem is formulated as an optimization problem and the optimal locations to cache the object are obtained using a low-cost dynamic programming algorithm. Extensive simulation experiments have been performed to evaluate the proposed scheme in terms of a wide range of performance metrics. The results show that the proposed scheme signif...
Xueyan Tang, Samuel T. Chanson
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TC
Authors Xueyan Tang, Samuel T. Chanson
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