Data Mining for Web Personalization

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Data Mining for Web Personalization
Abstract. In this chapter we present an overview of Web personalization process viewed as an application of data mining requiring support for all the phases of a typical data mining cycle. These phases include data collection and preprocessing, pattern discovery and evaluation, and finally applying the discovered knowledge in real-time to mediate between the user and the Web. This view of the personalization process provides added flexibility in leveraging multiple data sources and in effectively using the discovered models in an automatic personalization system. The chapter provides a detailed discussion of a host of activities and techniques used at different stages of this cycle, including the preprocessing and integration of data from multiple sources, as well as pattern discovery techniques that are typically applied to this data. We consider a number of classes of data mining algorithms used particularly for Web personalization, including techniques based on clustering, associa...
Bamshad Mobasher
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Bamshad Mobasher
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