Deformable curve and surface finite-elements for free-form shape design

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Deformable curve and surface finite-elements for free-form shape design
The finite element method is applied to generate primitives that build continuous deformable shapes designed to support a new free-form modeling paradigm. The primitives autonomous y deform to minimize an energy functional subject to user controlled geometric constraints and loads. The approach requires less user input than conventional free-form modeling approaches because the shape can be parametrized independently of the number of degrees of freedom needed to describe the shape. Both a curve and a surface finite element are dcvclopcd. The properties of these geometric primitives have been engineered to support an interactive three phase approach for defining very fair free-form shapes as found in automobiles, ship hulls and car bodies. The shape’s character lines or folds and edges are defined with deformable curve segments. These character lines are then “skinned” with a deformable surface. The fiial shape is sculpted interactively by applying loads to the surface to control...
George Celniker, Dave Gossard
Added 27 Aug 2010
Updated 27 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1991
Authors George Celniker, Dave Gossard
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