DIFC programs by automatic instrumentation

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DIFC programs by automatic instrumentation
Decentralized information flow control (DIFC) operating systems provide applications with mechanisms for enforcing information-flow policies for their data. However, significant obstacles keep such operating systems from achieving widespread adoption. One key obstacle is that DIFC operating systems provide only low-level mechanisms for allowing application programmers to enforce their desired policies. It can be difficult for the programmer to ensure that their use of these mechanisms enforces their high-level policies, while at the same time not breaking the underlying functionality of the application. These are issues both for programmers who would develop new applications for a DIFC operating system and for programmers who would port existing applications to a DIFC operating system. Our work significantly eases these tasks. We present an automatic technique that takes as input a program with no DIFC code, and two policies: one that specifies prohibited information flows and one tha...
William R. Harris, Somesh Jha, Thomas W. Reps
Added 06 Dec 2010
Updated 06 Dec 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where CCS
Authors William R. Harris, Somesh Jha, Thomas W. Reps
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