A Distributed 3D Graphics Library

12 years 3 months ago
A Distributed 3D Graphics Library
We present Repo-3D, a general-purpose, object-oriented library for developing distributed, interactive 3D graphics applications across a range of heterogeneous workstations. Repo-3D is designed to make it easy for programmers to rapidly build prototypes using a familiar multi-threaded, object-oriented programming paradigm. All data sharing of both graphical and non-graphical data is done via general-purpose remote and replicated objects, presenting the illusion of a single distributed shared memory. Graphical objects are directly distributed, circumventing the “duplicate database” problem and allowing programmers to focus on the application details. Repo-3D is embedded in Repo, an interpreted, lexically-scoped, distributed programming language, allowing entire applications to be rapidly prototyped. We discuss Repo-3D’s design, and introduce the notion of local variations to the graphical objects, which allow local changes to be applied to shared graphical structures. Local varia...
Blair MacIntyre, Steven Feiner
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Blair MacIntyre, Steven Feiner
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