Do you know what you are generating?

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Do you know what you are generating?
Software-based traffic generators are commonly used in experimental research on computer networks. However, there are no much studies focusing on how such instruments are accurate. Here we start a discussion reviewing the problem of using software-based traffic generators over common hardware/software, highlighting interesting issues that pose some threats to common beliefs. We started comparing the operator-requested traffic profile against the real behavior of commonly used software-based traffic generators. We aim at performing tests under different conditions and looking both at packet/bit rate and inter-packet time distribution. Preliminary results show notable differences in some cases, opening the way to interesting discussions and further investigations. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.4 [Performance of Systems]: Miscellaneous Keywords Measurement, Traffic Generation
Alberto Dainotti, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescap&eg
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Alberto Dainotti, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè
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