DWTP - An Internet Protocol for Shared Virtual Environments

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DWTP - An Internet Protocol for Shared Virtual Environments
VRML (the Virtual Reality Modeling Language) has brought 3D objects and virtual worlds to a large number of Internet users. While it provides a suitable basis for the platform independent description of virtual worlds, an appropriate network architecture required to realize shared virtual worlds on the Internet is still an open issue. In this paper we will introduce DWTP (the Distributed Worlds Transfer and communication Protocol). DWTP is an application layer protocol for shared virtual environments on the Internet. It provides a scalable network architecture for large-scale distributed virtual worlds. CR Categories and Subject Descriptors: C.2.2 [Computer Communication Networks]: Network Protocols; C.2.4 [Computer Communication Networks]: Distributed Systems - Distributed applications; H.5.1 [Information Interfaces and Presentation] Multimedia Information Systems - Artificial Realities; I.3.2 [Computer Graphics]: Graphics Systems - Distributed/network graphics; I.3.7. [Computer Grap...
Wolfgang Broll
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Year 1998
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Authors Wolfgang Broll
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