Dynamic Decision Protocol For Adhoc Network

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Dynamic Decision Protocol For Adhoc Network
Several researches were conducted to Ad Hoc networks because of their facility of deployment, no need of an infrastructure and many other features. Thus, they still present many unsolved issues such as the hidden node problem, collisions, latency and overhead. Many protocols were proposed such as the Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) [1], Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector (DSDV) [4], Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV)[ 2,3] and several others were derived. Our approach is using cluster head like the protocol Cluster Switch Group Routing CSGR[5]. One limitation of CSGR is that it is based on DSDV as the underlying route update method, which can cause problems. The other limitation is that it uses periodic route and cluster membership updates. The key feature of the protocol is that it uses a cluster head. The new idea in our protocol is that it combines several of such protocols. There is no need to know the cluster head between groups and then no need to update this informa...
Mohamed Ben Othman
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Year 2006
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