Edge detection by scale multiplication in wavelet domain

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Edge detection by scale multiplication in wavelet domain
This paper proposes a wavelet based edge detection scheme by scale multiplication. The dyadic wavelet transforms at two adjacent scales are multiplied as a product function to magnify the edge structures and suppress the noise. Unlike many multiscale techniques that first form the edge maps at several scales and then synthesize them together, we determined the edges as the local maxima directly in the scale product after an efficient thrsholding. It is shown that the scale multiplication achieves better results than either of the two scales, especially on the localization performance. The dislocation of neighboring edges is also improved when the width of detection filter is set large to smooth noise. Experiments on natural images are compared with the Laplacian of Gaussian and Canny edge detection algorithms.
Lei Zhang 0006, Paul Bao
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where PRL
Authors Lei Zhang 0006, Paul Bao
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