Efficient Surface Reconstruction from Range Curves

8 years 12 months ago
Efficient Surface Reconstruction from Range Curves
This paper proposes an approach for surface reconstruction of free-form rigid objects from an arbitrary set of intersecting range curves. A strategy for updating the reconstructed surface during data acquisition is described as well. Geometric and color information is accumulated in a volumetric structure in which a vector field is built and updated. Moreover, the information that is needed for efficient curve registration is directly available in this vector field. This leads to a unified modeling approach combining surface reconstruction and curve registration. The algorithm implementing the approach is of linear complexity with respect to the number of input curves and makes it suitable for interactive modeling. A compression scheme based on a multiresolution decomposition of vector fields is introduced as well. Simulated data from a set of curvilinear patterns as well as data acquired with a hand-held range sensor are used to validate the approach.
Dragan Tubic, Patrick Hébert, Denis Laurend
Added 23 Aug 2010
Updated 23 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where 3DIM
Authors Dragan Tubic, Patrick Hébert, Denis Laurendeau
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