An Email and Meeting Assistant Using Graph Walks

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An Email and Meeting Assistant Using Graph Walks
We describe a framework for representing email as well as meeting information as a joint graph. In the graph, documents and meeting descriptions are connected via other nontextual objects representing the underlying structure-rich data. This framework integrates content, social networks and a timeline in a structural graph. Extended similarity metrics for objects embedded in the graph can be derived using a lazy graph walk paradigm. In this paper we evaluate this general framework for two meeting and email related tasks. A novel task considered is finding email-addresses of relevant attendees for a given meeting. Another task we define and evaluate is finding the full set of email-address aliases for a person, given the corresponding name string. The experimental results show promise of this approach over other possible methods.
Einat Minkov, William W. Cohen
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CEAS
Authors Einat Minkov, William W. Cohen
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