Embedding Hygiene-Compatible Macros in an Unhygienic Macro System

10 years 4 months ago
Embedding Hygiene-Compatible Macros in an Unhygienic Macro System
: It is known that the essential ingredients of a Lisp-style unhygienic macro system can be expressed in terms of advanced hygienic macro systems. We show that the reverse is also true: We present a model of a core unhygienic macro system, on top of which a hygiene-compatible macro system can be built, without changing the internals of the core macro system and without using a code walker. To achieve this, the internal representation of source code as Lisp s-expressions does not need to be changed. The major discovery is the fact that symbol macros can be used in conjunction with local macro environments to bootstrap a hygiene-compatible macro system. We also discuss a proof-of-concept implementation in Common Lisp and give historical notes. Key Words: Hygiene-compatible macro systems, Scheme, Common Lisp
Pascal Costanza, Theo D'Hondt
Added 29 Jan 2011
Updated 29 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where JUCS
Authors Pascal Costanza, Theo D'Hondt
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