Entertainment Computing, Social Transformation and the Quantum Field

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Entertainment Computing, Social Transformation and the Quantum Field
Abstract. Entertainment computing is on its way getting an established academic discipline. The scope of entertainment computing is quite broad (see the scope of the international journal Entertainment Computing). One unifying idea in this diverse community of entertainment researchers and developers might be a normative position to enhance human living through social transformation. One possible option in this direction is a shared ‘conscious’ field. Several ideas about a new kind of field based on quantum effects are presented and discussed. Assuming that social transformation is based on a shared collective unconscious I propose designing entertainment technology for a new kind of user experience that can transform in a positive manner the individual unconscious and therefore the collective unconscious as well. Our ALICE project can be seen as a first attempt in this direction. Key words: culture, social responsibility, entertainment, computing, quantum field
Matthias Rauterberg
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Matthias Rauterberg
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