Erlang B as a Performance Model for IP Flows

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Erlang B as a Performance Model for IP Flows
— Flow-based networking has gained momentum in the research community in recent years. It allows improved performance guarantees and dynamic, load-aware routing. Flowbased networking takes the nature of traffic into account and considers the fact that multiple packets are a part of the same transaction. Blocking probability has been used as a performance parameter in circuit switched networks for a long time; however, it has not been used in IP networks, since traffic is not admission controlled. This paper investigates blocking as a generic performance parameter aiding performance modelling of flowbased networks. Simulation results are presented, underlining the observation that there is a relationship between traditional IP performance parameters and flow blocking. Furthermore, it outlines how blocking can be used in a practical context to asses performance and define thresholds for network actions.
Alexander A. Kist
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Updated 03 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICON
Authors Alexander A. Kist
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