Estimating types in binaries using predictive modeling

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Estimating types in binaries using predictive modeling
Reverse engineering is an important tool in mitigating vulnerabilities in binaries. As a lot of software is developed in object-oriented languages, reverse engineering of object-oriented code is of critical importance. One of the major hurdles in reverse engineering binaries compiled from object-oriented code is the use of dynamic dispatch. In the absence of debug information, any dynamic dispatch may seem to jump to many possible targets, posing a significant challenge to a reverse engineer trying to track the program flow. We present a novel technique that allows us to statically determine the likely targets of virtual function calls. Our technique uses object tracelets – statically constructed sequences of operations performed on an object – to capture potential runtime behaviors of the object. Our analysis automatically pre-labels some of the object tracelets by relying on instances where the type of an object is known. The resulting type-labeled tracelets are then used to t...
Omer Katz, Ran El-Yaniv, Eran Yahav
Added 09 Apr 2016
Updated 09 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Where POPL
Authors Omer Katz, Ran El-Yaniv, Eran Yahav
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