Evaluation of extended dictionary-based static code compression schemes

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Evaluation of extended dictionary-based static code compression schemes
This paper evaluates how much extended dictionary-based code compression techniques can reduce the static code size. In their simplest form, such methods statically identify identical instruction sequences in the code and replace them by a codeword if they yield a smaller code size based on a heuristic. At run-time, the codeword is replaced by a dictionary entry storing the corresponding instruction sequence. Two previously proposed schemes are evaluated. The first scheme, as used in DISE, provides operand parameters to catch a larger number of identical instruction sequences. The second scheme replaces different instruction sequences with the same dictionary entry if they can be derived from it using a bit mask that can cancel out individual instructions. Additionally, this paper offers a third scheme, namely, to combine the two previously proposed schemes along with an off-line algorithm to compress the program. Our data shows that all schemes in isolation improve the compressib...
Martin Thuresson, Per Stenström
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CF
Authors Martin Thuresson, Per Stenström
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