Example-Based Machine Translation in the Pangloss System

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Example-Based Machine Translation in the Pangloss System
The Pangloss Example-Based Machine Translation engine (I'anEI3MT) l is a translation system reql,iring essentially no knowledge of the structure of a language, merely a large parallel corpus of example sentences atn[ a bilingual dictionary. Input texts are segmented into sequences of words occurring in the corpus, for which translations are determined by subsententia[ alignment of the sentence pairs containing those sequences. These partial translations are then combined with the results of other translation en gines to form the final translation produced by the Pangloss system. In an internal evaluation, PanEBMT achieved 70.2% coverage of unrestricted Spanish news-wire text, despite a simplistic subsententia[ alignment algorithm, a subop ritual dictionary, and a corpus Dora a different domain than the evalual,ion texts.
Ralf D. Brown
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Year 1996
Authors Ralf D. Brown
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