Example based video filters

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Example based video filters
Many of the successful multimedia retrieval systems focus on developing efficient and effective video retrieval solutions with the help of appropriate index structures. In these systems, the query is an example video and the retrieved results are similar video clips which are available apriori in the database. In this paper, we address a complementary problem of filtering a video stream based on a set of given examples. By filtering, we mean to detect, accept or reject the part of a video stream matching any of the given examples. This requires matching of example videos with the on-line video stream. Since the concepts of interest could be complex, we avoid explicit learning of a representation from the example videos to characterize the visual event present in the examples. We model the problem as simultaneous on-line spotting of multiple examples in a video stream. We employ a vocabulary trie for the filtering purpose and demonstrate the applicability of the technique in a vari...
Mihir Jain, Sreekanth Vempati, Chandrika Pulla, C.
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CIVR
Authors Mihir Jain, Sreekanth Vempati, Chandrika Pulla, C. V. Jawahar
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