Exploration of Simulation Experiments by Discovery

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Exploration of Simulation Experiments by Discovery
: Weexemplify in this paper, howa discovery system is applied to the analysis of simulation experimentsin practical political planning, andshowwhatkind of newknowledgecan be discoveredin an application area that differs fromothers by the high amountof knowledgethat the analyst holds already about the process that generates the data. Subgoalslike "lowclassification accuracy","high homogeneity","disjoint rules", etc. are introducedinto Explora, to select betweendifferent statistical tests for each pattern andseveral search algorithms,allowingthe user to adapt the discoveryprocessto the special requirementsof the application. Thecombinationof discovery with simulation is endowedwith the maincharacteristics of both KnowledgeDiscovery in Databases (KDD)and AutomatedScientific Discovery (ASD), discovery in large databases and experimentation. Analysinga real systemwith simulation models allows to freely set the experimental conditions. In distinction to the usua...
Willi Klösgen
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where KDD
Authors Willi Klösgen
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