Fast space-variant elliptical filtering using box splines

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Fast space-variant elliptical filtering using box splines
The efficient realization of linear space-variant (non-convolution) filters is a challenging computational problem in image processing. In this paper, we demonstrate that it is possible to filter an image with a Gaussian-like elliptic window of varying size, elongation and orientation using a fixed number of computations per pixel. The associated algorithm, which is based on a family of smooth compactly supported piecewise polynomials, the radially-uniform box splines, is realized using pre-integration and local finite-differences. The radially-uniform box splines are constructed through the repeated convolution of a fixed number of box distributions, which have been suitably scaled and distributed radially in an uniform fashion. The attractive features of these box splines are their asymptotic behavior, their simple covariance structure, and their quasi-separability. They converge to Gaussians with the increase of their order, and are used to approximate anisotropic Gaussians of vary...
Kunal Narayan Chaudhury, Arrate Muñoz-Barru
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Updated 09 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CORR
Authors Kunal Narayan Chaudhury, Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, Michael Unser
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