Finding objects in "strata drawer"

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Finding objects in "strata drawer"
Looking for a document in a stack of papers is a difficult job. If the "strata" of the drawer contents is known, then locating will be much easier. Strata Drawer is a camera-enhanced cabinet used for storage. This cabinet has a single, deep drawer equipped with a camera, a depth-sensor and a computer. When a user places an object in the drawer and closes it, a photograph is automatically taken, and the height of the contents is measured by a laser beam. A user can browse pictures of strata in the drawer's contents, with timestamps and height information. Keywords Strata Drawer, Digital Decor, ubiquitous computing, smart furniture, drawers.
Itiro Siio, Jim Rowan, Elizabeth D. Mynatt
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Updated 01 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CHI
Authors Itiro Siio, Jim Rowan, Elizabeth D. Mynatt
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