Flickr: Who is Looking?

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Flickr: Who is Looking?
This article presents a characterization of user behavior on Flickr, a popular on-line photo sharing service that allows users to store, search, sort and share their photos. Based on a sub-set of photos being uploaded during a 10 day window, we track the interest of users in those photos over a period of 50 days. In particular we investigate the user behavior on temporal, social, and spatial dimensions. Results show that the users are able to discover new photos within hours after being uploaded and that 50% of the photo views are generated within the first two days. The social networking behavior of users, and photo pooling are identified as the two major indicators related to a photo’s popularity. Finally we show that the geographic distribution is more focussed around a geographic location for the infrequently viewed photos, than for the photos that attract a large number of views.
Roelof van Zwol
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Roelof van Zwol
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