Framework of e-governance at the local government level

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Framework of e-governance at the local government level
With presumptions that e-government theories prevail in various formats and concepts around the globe, nations and institutions, not many examples are there to emulate in terms of developing a framework of e-governance system at the outer periphery of the government tiers. However, surprisingly till date most of the egovernment programs in the country of implementation, or egovernment research at the research institution could not be taken as granted, and foremost many of them could not come out as a major accomplishment. This research would like to carry out a comprehensive analysis on various theories built around the e-governance concept, and put forward a future e-government system at the local government level. Categories and Subject Descriptors J. Computer Applications J.1 Administrative Data Processing Government General Terms Theory Keywords e-government, e-governance, framework of e-government, developing countries, community empowerment, knowledge development, local governme...
Hakikur Rahman
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Year 2009
Authors Hakikur Rahman
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