Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing, and Applications

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Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing, and Applications
We survey on the theoretical and practical developments of the theory of fuzzy logic and soft computing. Specifically, we briefly review the history and main milestones of fuzzy logic (in the wide sense), the more recent development of soft computing, and finalise by presentnoramic view of applications: from the most abstract to the most practical ones. 1 Fuzzy Logic Although there are authors that establish the origin of Fuzzy Logic in the introduction of multiple-valued logics by Jan Lukasiewicz in 1920, it is commonly accepted that it emerged from the theory of fuzzy sets introduced by Lotfi Zadeh in [49]. In this paper, fuzzy subsets were used as a formalization of vagueness (in the sense of a predicate that applies to a certain degree, not in absolute terms), with the underlying notion of soft membership, in which objects might neither belong nor not belong to a set and that there may be borderline cases. Joseph Goguen also participated in the initial developments of fuzzy log...
Inma P. Cabrera, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Ojeda-Acieg
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Year 2009
Authors Inma P. Cabrera, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Ojeda-Aciego
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