Game space design foundations for trans-reality games

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Game space design foundations for trans-reality games
Trans-reality games are games that take advantage of pervasive, mobile, ubiquitous, location-based and mixed reality technical infrastructures to create game spaces that can include physical reality together with one or more virtual realities. Creating these games requires basic design decisions about the relationships between the large scale game spaces involved. In particular, the different game spaces can be related by general 3D coordinate system transforms, together with decisions regarding isomorphism at different levels of spatial scale. The result is a large space of possibilities for trans-reality game space design supporting very different forms of game mechanics. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.3.3 [Design]: Mixed/Augmented/Trans-Reality Games – transreality game space design. General Terms Design. Keywords Trans-reality games, mixed reality games, game space design.
Craig A. Lindley
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Year 2005
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