General purpose simulation with stroboscope

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General purpose simulation with stroboscope
Stroboscope is a programming language designed for the simulation of processes common to construction engineering. These processes are very complex and involve many different types of resources. As a result, Stroboscope is also an efficient and effective general purpose simulation system. This paper presents an overview of Stroboscope and illustrates how it can be used to model a complex example taken from classic simulation literature. 1 OVERVIEW Stroboscope (Martinez, Ioannou, and Carr, 1994) is an acronym for STate and ResOurce Based Simulation of COnstruction ProcEsses. It is a programming language specifically designed to model construction operations. Stroboscope models are based on a network of interconnected modeling elements and on a series of programming statements that give the elements unique behavior and control the simulation. The character of Stroboscope arises from its ability to dynamically access the state of the simulation and the properties of the resources involve...
Julio C. Martínez, Photios G. Ioannou
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where WSC
Authors Julio C. Martínez, Photios G. Ioannou
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