Genetic Simulation Library

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Genetic Simulation Library
Summary: The Genetic Simulation Library (GSL) is a set of C++ programs and classes that can be used in individualbased simulation models of plant and animal populations. The classes in this library build representations of genes for a wide variety of different types of organisms, from asexually reproducing single-cell organisms to chromosome-structured sexually reproducing species. Availability: GSL. Free for non-commercial applications; others should contact the author. An individual-based ecological model is a computer simulation in which each member of a population is represented as a distinct object (DeAngelis and Gross, 1992; Bart, 1996). Rather than summarizing average case behavior with systems of differential equations, an individual based model captures the essential features of each individual plant or animal in a distinct object. An object state is updated over time as the individual represented by that object interacts with oth...
John S. Conery, Michael Lynch
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Type Journal
Year 1999
Authors John S. Conery, Michael Lynch
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