Geometrically correct imagery for teleconferencing

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Geometrically correct imagery for teleconferencing
Current camera-monitor teleconferencing applications produce unrealistic imagery and break any sense of presence for the participants. Other capture/display technologies can be used to provide more compelling teleconferencing. However, complex geometries in capture/display systems make producing geometrically correct imagery difficult. It is usually impractical to detect, model and compensate for all effects introduced by the capture/display system. Most applications simply ignore these issues and rely on the user acceptance of the camera-monitor paradigm. This paper presents a new and simple technique for producing geometrically correct imagery for teleconferencing environments. The necessary image transformations are derived by finding a mapping between a capture and display device for a fixed viewer location. The capture/display relationship is computed directly in device coordinates and completely avoids the need for any intermediate, complex representations of screen geometry,...
Ruigang Yang, Michael S. Brown, W. Brent Seales, H
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Type Conference
Year 1999
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Authors Ruigang Yang, Michael S. Brown, W. Brent Seales, Henry Fuchs
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