HoneyWEB: Embedded Web-based Control Applications

11 years 5 months ago
HoneyWEB: Embedded Web-based Control Applications
High performance monitoring and control of real-time environments over the Internet is of importance to many users. The general public, as well as professionals, desires the ability to remotely acquire real-time information at their fingertips.. This paper presents a smart network design for real-time data acquisition. A streamlined web server designed specifically for embedded applications produces the real-time output for a dynamic environment. This technological enhancement is significant because it can be used in conjunction with any "smart" device. A unique characteristic of the design presented here is its ability to easily adapt to a variety of systems/applications. In order to achieve this type of information processing, the design approach used here was required to demonstrate the following abilities: (1) operate on a small platform without the use of an OS, (2) exchange and modify real-time data over the network, and (3) demonstrate the possibility that this type o...
Christiane Iaccarino, Meridith A. Sigel, Ralph E.
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where RTSS
Authors Christiane Iaccarino, Meridith A. Sigel, Ralph E. Taylor Jr., David Perozzi, Aristides Staikos, Patricia Morreale
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