How HCI interprets the probes

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How HCI interprets the probes
We trace how cultural probes have been adopted and adapted by the HCI community. The flexibility of probes has been central to their uptake, resulting in a proliferation of divergent uses and derivatives. The varying patterns of adaptation of the probes reveal important underlying issues in HCI, suggesting underacknowledged disagreements about valid interpretation and the relationship between methods and their underlying methodology. With this analysis, we aim to clarify discussions around probes, and, more importantly, around how we define and evaluate methods in HCI, especially those grounded in unfamiliar conceptions of how research should be done. Author Keywords Cultural probes, probes, reflective HCI ACM Classification Keywords I.m. Computing Methodologies: Miscellaneous
Kirsten Boehner, Janet Vertesi, Phoebe Sengers, Pa
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CHI
Authors Kirsten Boehner, Janet Vertesi, Phoebe Sengers, Paul Dourish
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