Hybrid MM/SVM structural sensors for stochastic sequential data

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Hybrid MM/SVM structural sensors for stochastic sequential data
In this paper we present preliminary results stemming from a novel application of Markov Models and Support Vector Machines to splice site classification of Intron-Exon and Exon-Intron (5' and 3') splice sites. We present the use of Markov based statistical methods, in a log likelihood discriminator framework, to create a non-summed, fixed-length, feature vector for SVM-based classification. We also explore the use of Shannon-entropy based analysis for automated identification of minimal-size models (where smaller models have known information loss according to the specified Shannon entropy representation). We evaluate a variety of kernels and kernel parameters in the classification effort. We present results of the algorithms for splice-site datasets consisting of sequences from a variety of species for comparison.
Brian Roux, Stephen Winters-Hilt
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Brian Roux, Stephen Winters-Hilt
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