IEEE 1394a_2000 Physical Layer ASIC

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IEEE 1394a_2000 Physical Layer ASIC
CN4011A is IEEE 1394a_2000 standard Compliant Physical Layer ASIC. It is a 0.18um mixed-signal ASIC incorporating three analog ports, PLL, reference generator for analog along with the digital control logic. Whole ASIC from specification to GDSII including analog was designed at Controlnet (I) Pvt. Ltd CN4011A has three 1394a_2000 fully compliant ports that support data transfers at 100/200/400 Mbps. It supports repeating of data over on all ports other then receiving port. It's Interoperable with other 1394a_2000 compliant Physical Layers and fully Compliant with 1394a_2000 Link Layer and OHCI. The ASIC operates on a single 24.576 MHz external crystal oscillator. The Internal PLL generates 400MHz Clock. This Clock is divided to get the clocks required for the Internal logic and to transmit and receive data at 100/200/400 Mbps over the serial interface and over the Link Interface.
Ranjit Yashwante, Bhalchandra Jahagirdar
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Year 2002
Authors Ranjit Yashwante, Bhalchandra Jahagirdar
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