Impact of incentive mechanisms on quality of experience

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Impact of incentive mechanisms on quality of experience
Since entities participating in P2P networks are usually autonomous and therefore free to decide on their level of participation, mechanisms to resolve conflicts between individual and collective rationality are needed. How can implementations of such mechanisms be compared? This paper introduces a qualitative reference framework, highlighting essential elements and major design decisions in any implementation of incentive mechanisms. In the context of multimedia applications built on top of P2P architectures, the reference framework can be used in assessing the impact on the quality of experience (QoE) when incentive mechanisms are included. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.5.1 [Multimedia Information Systems]: Evaluation, methodology; H.3.5 [Online Information Services]: Data sharing; C.2.1 [Network Architecture and Design]: Distributed networks General Terms Design, Economics, Performance Keywords Incentives, Peer-to-peer, Streaming
Andrew Roczniak, Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Andrew Roczniak, Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik
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