The impact of technology on the quality of information

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The impact of technology on the quality of information
When new technologies for production and dissemination of information emerge and are adopted, we see a dramatic increase in the quantity of information that is made available for consumption. However, the impact of these technologies on the quality of information is unclear. In this paper we develop a framework for the process of information production and use it as the basis for an economic model that captures a publisher's decision to produce information. This economic model is used to study the impact of a new technology on the supply of information that is produced in terms of both its quality and quantity. Our results show that reduction in costs and relaxation of capacity constraints lead to an increase and decrease, respectively, in the quality of articles produced by a publisher. We also find that the relaxation of the capacity constraints has a more profound impact on the supply of articles to the publishers, while the reduction in costs has a similar impact on the artic...
Aditi Mukherjee, Jungpil Hahn
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Aditi Mukherjee, Jungpil Hahn
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