Implementing mapping composition

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Implementing mapping composition
Mapping composition is a fundamental operation in metadata driven applications. Given a mapping over schemas 1 and 2 and a mapping over schemas 2 and 3, the composition problem is to compute an equivalent mapping over 1 and 3. We describe a new composition algorithm that targets practical applications. It incorporates view unfolding. It eliminates as many 2 symbols as possible, even if not all can be eliminated. It covers constraints expressed using arbitrary monotone relational operators and, to a lesser extent, non-monotone operators. And it introduces the new technique of left composition. We describe our implementation, explain how to extend it to support user-defined operators, and present experimental results which validate its effectiveness.
Philip A. Bernstein, Todd J. Green, Sergey Melnik,
Added 05 Dec 2009
Updated 05 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where VLDB
Authors Philip A. Bernstein, Todd J. Green, Sergey Melnik, Alan Nash
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