Improved Algorithms for Synchronizing Computer Network Clocks

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Improved Algorithms for Synchronizing Computer Network Clocks
The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely deployed in the Internet to synchronize computer clocks to each other and to international standards via telephone modem, radio and satellite. The protocols and algorithms have evolved over more than a decade to produce the present NTP Version 3 specification and implementations. Most of the estimated deployment of 100,000 NTP servers and clients enjoy synchronization to within a few tens of milliseconds in the Internet of today. This paper describes specific improvements developed for NTP Version 3 which have resulted in increased accuracy, stability and reliability in both local-area and wide-area networks. These include engineered refinements of several algorithms used to measure time differences between a local clock and a number of peer clocks in the network, as well as to select the best subset from among an ensemble of peer clocks and combine their differences to produce a local clock accuracy better than any in the ensemble. This paper...
David L. Mills
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Year 1994
Authors David L. Mills
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