Improving the quality of software quality determination processes

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Improving the quality of software quality determination processes
This paper suggests a systematic, orderly, process-based approach to stating software quality objectives and knowing if and when they have been achieved. We suggest that quality in software is a complex, multifaceted array of characteristics, and that it is important to establish speci c objectives along various software quality dimensions as requirements for software quality assurance determination processes. We propose that process technology be used to design, code, execute, evaluate, and migrate processes that are demonstrably e ective in achieving required software product quality objectives. Recently there have been numerous highly visible e orts to codify the assessment of software processes, and to use assessment results to improve them. In this paper we argue that these e orts function as testplans for software processes. We borrow some of the notions proposed in these e orts, and indicate how they can be used to construct a discipline of measuring and evaluating how well pro...
Leon J. Osterweil
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Type Conference
Year 1996
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Authors Leon J. Osterweil
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