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10 years 1 months ago
Code query by example
Most software engineering techniques that deal with software products customization are based on anticipation: The software designer has to foresee, somehow, the future needs for ...
Sebastien Vaucouleur
10 years 4 months ago
Improving the Testing and Testability of Software Product Lines
Abstract. Software Product Line (SPL) engineering offers several advantages in the development of families of software products. There is still a need, however, for better underst...
Isis Cabral, Myra B. Cohen, Gregg Rothermel
110views more  JSA 2008»
10 years 6 months ago
A model for service-oriented communication systems
Like most software products, protocols are continuously enhanced and new protocols are developed. But especially new protocols of the transport layer can not be utilized widely ea...
Bernd Reuther, Dirk Henrici
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10 years 6 months ago
A survey of systems for detecting serial run-time errors
: This paper evaluates the ability of a variety of commercial and non-commercial software products to detect serial run-time errors in C and C++ programs, to issue meaningful messa...
Glenn R. Luecke, James Coyle, Jim Hoekstra, Marina...
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10 years 6 months ago
Integrating COTS Software into Systems through Instrumentation and Reasoning
Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software tends to be cheap, reliable, and functionally powerful due to its large user base. It has thus become highly desirable to incorporate COTS ...
Alexander Egyed, Robert Balzer
10 years 7 months ago
On the Effectiveness of Software Diversity: A Systematic Study on Real-World Vulnerabilities
Abstract. Many systems have been introduced to detect software intrusions by comparing the outputs and behavior of diverse replicas when they are processing the same, potentially m...
Jin Han, Debin Gao, Robert H. Deng
10 years 7 months ago
Functional Architecture Modeling for the Software Product Industry
Although a lot of research has been carried out on the technical architecture of software systems, the domain of Functional Architecture in the software product industry lacks a fo...
Sjaak Brinkkemper, Stella Pachidi
10 years 7 months ago
Mapping Feature Models onto Component Models to Build Dynamic Software Product Lines
Systems such as adaptative and context–aware ones must adapt themselves to changing requirements at runtime. Modeling and implementing this kind of systems is a difficult opera...
Pablo Trinidad, Antonio Ruiz Cortés, Joaqu&...
10 years 7 months ago
Improving the quality of software quality determination processes
This paper suggests a systematic, orderly, process-based approach to stating software quality objectives and knowing if and when they have been achieved. We suggest that quality i...
Leon J. Osterweil
10 years 7 months ago
Measuring the Ability to Form a Product Line from Existing Products
A product line approach can save valuable resources by reusing artifacts. Especially for software artifacts, the reuse of existing components is highly desirable. In recent literat...
Christian Berger, Holger Rendel, Bernhard Rumpe