Individual and Team Contexts in a Design Process

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Individual and Team Contexts in a Design Process
The paper discusses the role of context in a collaborative design process, with a web-based environment for distributed architecture - engineering - construction teamwork. During this process, the decision is made collectively and progressively after a phase of negotiation among specialists from different domains. The goal of the project is to improve the teamwork performance by allowing participants (the specialists in different domains) to constitute a team and to collaborate in the project by interacting remotely in a virtual environment. The environment takes advantage of the current information technology to permit specialists to maintain their personal contexts and a shared team context, in which knowledge is acquired in concrete situations (i.e. knowledge is acquired in its context of use). The paper presents how context intervenes: (1) in the acquisition of the different types of knowledge as an intrinsic part of any negotiation, (2) how a decision making results of a progress...
Patrick Brézillon
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Year 2003
Authors Patrick Brézillon
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