Inductive Assertions and Operational Semantics

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Inductive Assertions and Operational Semantics
This paper shows how classic inductive assertions can be used in conjunction with an operational semantics to prove partial correctness properties of programs. The method imposes only the proof obligations that would be produced by a verification condition generator but does not require the definition of a verification condition generation. The paper focuses on iterative programs but recursive programs are briefly discussed. Assertions are attached to the program by defining a predicate on states. This predicate is then “completed” to an alleged invariant by the definition of a partial function defined in terms of the state transition function of the operational semantics. If this alleged invariant can be proved to be an invariant under the state transition function, it follows that the assertions are true every time they are encountered in execution and thus that the post-condition is true if reached from a state satisfying the pre-condition. But because of the manner in wh...
J. Strother Moore
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Year 2003
Authors J. Strother Moore
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