Integrate and conquer: the next generation of intelligent avatars

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Integrate and conquer: the next generation of intelligent avatars
FreeWill+ is a framework that aims at integrating various animation techniques for controlling human-like characters. With heterogeneity and multi-layering as its main design principles, the system contains a society of complex interrelated animation com(actions), executing on various levels of abstraction and also varying in the level of built-in intelligence. They arrange themselves into ad-hoc created associations to perform tasks and fulfil goals. As both reactive and proactive modes of operation are present, and the communication between actions is crucial, the overall structure may be considered as a multiagent system. We will show how a relatively simple, multi-layered and multi-agent structure can cope with collision-free motion planning problem. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.3.7 [Computer Graphics]: Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism–Animation; I.2.11 [Artificial Intelligence]: Distributed Artificial Intelligence–Intelligent agents, Multiagent systems. General ...
Jaroslaw Francik, Adam Szarowicz
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Jaroslaw Francik, Adam Szarowicz
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