Inter-modality Face Recognition

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Inter-modality Face Recognition
Recently, the wide deployment of practical face recognition systems gives rise to the emergence of the inter-modality face recognition problem. In this problem, the face images in the database and the query images captured on spot are acquired under quite different conditions or even using different equipments. Conventional approaches either treat the samples in a uniform model or introduce an intermediate conversion stage, both of which would lead to severe performance degradation due to the great discrepancies between different modalities. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm called Common Discriminant Feature Extraction specially tailored to the inter-modality problem. In the algorithm, two transforms are simultaneously learned to transform the samples in both modalities respectively to the common feature space. We formulate the learning objective by incorporating both the empirical discriminative power and the local smoothness of the feature transformation. By explicitly con...
Dahua Lin, Xiaoou Tang
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ECCV
Authors Dahua Lin, Xiaoou Tang
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