Interactive Scanning of Haptic Textures and Surface Compliance

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Interactive Scanning of Haptic Textures and Surface Compliance
In modern computer graphics, 3D scanning is common practise for the acquisition of the geometry of objects. However, in addition to geometric models, physical models of interaction behaviour are required for the realistic representation of objects in arbitrary environments. In this paper, we introduce a hand-held scanning approach for the acquisition of physical surface texture (roughness) of realworld 3D objects. Our system utilizes a low-cost mobile touch probe and image-based tracking to allow an operator to interactively scan a real-world object and generate estimates of surface texture and compliance. These scans can be integrated into the 3D scanning pipeline, just as colour imagery can be included into the pipeline for the acquisition of visual texture. We demonstrate that the acquired surface properties are of sufficient quality to allow for haptic display of the scanned object.
Sheldon Andrews, Jochen Lang
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where 3DIM
Authors Sheldon Andrews, Jochen Lang
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