An interactive tutorial system for Java

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An interactive tutorial system for Java
interactive teaching materials, primarily because of its integration with the web through the applet mechanism. The 1997 and 1998 ITiCSE conferences convened working groups to develop Java as a resource for creating visualizations and interactive animations for instructional use [3, 7]. The 1997 report offers the following assessment of the opportunities that Java provides: As part of the documentation for its library packages, the Java Task Force (JTF) developed an online tutorial system that enables teachers and students to explore the resources provided by the Task Force in a highly interactive style. The individual pages that make up the tutorial often include demonstration programs that the reader can experiment with while remaining on the same web page as the explanatory text. Although the original motivation for developing that tutorial system was to document the JTF packages themselves, the structure is general enough for teachers to design their own tutorials and interactive d...
Eric Roberts
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Year 2006
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